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Mod Compatibility : CMBN v.3.12
Full Color Interface Icons Latest Version 1.00 Released 27 Nov 2016!
Replacemnet for the small arms, support weapons, artillery, aircraft and of course vehicel silhouettes. Current version includes base games and all modules up to CMBN version 3.12. 
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Combat Mission - Battle for Normandy
Maps and Scenarios

Scenario: Ambush!
Latest Version 1.01 Updated 11-Dec-2014! | Modul: CMBN Base Game
US Armored Infantry attempts to move past German forces. Recommended for human Allies vs AI Axis. Conversion of the CMSF Scenario 'Abu Susah. '1.01 changes: US forward observer team added
I removed all older CMBN mods, cause they are not compatible with the 2.0 and 3.0 engines any more.